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“Be informed and know your options.”

** Update June 1, 2014::: EAB is in Madison (Warner Park area and Middleton).  

** Contact H&H for a consultation if you’d like your ash tree(s) protected.

EAB Beetle On June 26, an Emerald Ash Borer was found in Janesville, Wisconsin. As noted above, last November it was identified in Madison. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a big problem for the urban forrest.

H&H Arborists is fully educated and equipped to handle EAB.  If you know you have an ash tree and would like to protect it, fill out this form.  We do treatments in the spring and summer. If you fill out the form in the winter months we will contact you in the spring. If you fill out the form in the spring or summer, we will schedule you within two weeks to schedule a treatment.

If you’d like more information on ash tree identification and Emerald Ash Borer, read on.


Ash trees are easily identified by their bark.  Mature ash trees have bark with diamond-shaped fissures.  Younger ash trees have smooth bark.  The leaves are compound and have 5-9 leaflets per petiole.

Ash tree identification

Three Ways To Identify EAB

1. D-shaped exit holes on the trunk.

2. Visual fissures on the bark (pulling the bark away reveals serpentine galleries of the boring insect)

3. Thinning canopy with smaller leaves.

EAB identification

Unfortunately these symptoms mean the beetle has already attacked your tree.  The best treatment for Emerald Ash starts with preventative measures.  We offer two forms of protection for your ash tree.

Treatment options

Imidocloprid: This is a one-year treatment and can be done in the spring, summer and fall.  We use formulation 2F which contains 21.8% Imidocloprid as compared to 0.235% active ingredient in garden center products (Bayer).

Emamectin Benzoate (TREE-age, TreeAzin, Arbormectin): This treatment lasts two years and is considered the gold-standard for treatment of Emerald Ash Borer and should be used exclusively when EAB populations are high. TreeAzin is our organic option. Contact Bill for more information regarding our emamectin benzoate treatments.

The cost of each treatment is determined by the size of your ash tree and type of product used.

For a price quote, please fill out this form.